Training Program

Training Schedule

Observation Form

New Teacher Training Record (Read)


General Expectations

General expectation checklist (Read)

Subject expectations

Teacher's evaluation


Training Videos

General teaching methods

(1) Teaching procedure (Video 1:35)


Classroom Management series

(2) Principle (Video 1:35)

(3) Power teaching (Video 4:03)

(4) Class rules (Video 7:37)

(5) Score system (Video 3:21)

(6) Time management (Video) / lesson planner (Video)(Read)


(7) Learning styles: Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic (Video 6:08)

(8) Mindmap: Theory (Video 4:59)

(9) Mindmap: Practice (Video 4:36)

(10) Cross-subject expectations (Video)(Phonics Train Video)

Individual Subjects

(11) Daily conversation & Let’s go dictionary (Video)

(12) Phonics (Video)

(13) Writing (Video 7:55)

(13) Reading (Video)

(14) Character Education (Video)

(15) Sensory Play (Video)

(16) MPM Math (Video) --All-Day English Class

(17) Science (Video 7:37) --All-Day English Class

(18) Grammar (Video 7:15)--K3 Class

(19) Spelling (Video)


(1) Speech contest (Video 6:13)

(2) Graduation ceremony (Video)


Other Must-Know

Teacher's job descrtiption (read)

Playground Time (read)

Communication books (read: What, How)

Checking homework and tests (read)

Morning exercise (read)

English Only Environment (read)

Prewriting exercise (Baby, K1) (read)

Spelling test (K3) (read)


Language School Teachers

General expectations

Expectations for Teaching Different Subjects


Teachers' Resources

Tips of teaching kindy students (read)